Community Information

Waste Information

We collect and dispose of our waste at certified landfills around south west Saskatchewan, please note items not accepted in our bins or totes.

Landfill DOES NOT accept:

  • Tires (recycle at local tire shops)  
  • Used oil
  • Paint (SARCAN)
  • Electronics (SARCAN)
  • Asbestos
  • Brake pods
  • Hazardous waste
  • Pesticide containers
  • Pressure tanks (propane bottles, spray foam bottles, etc.)
  • All liquids, including sewage/waste water, fuels, oil including cooking oil, etc
  • Dead animals including SRM
  • “Hot” loads, burning barrels
  • Grain bags (recycle)
  • Oilfield liners (heavy plastic)
  • Oilfield black plastic pipeline pipe

Curbside/Alley Collection Information

Please follow the following easy instructions to ensure efficient pick-up of your garbage and recycling. If you follow this important information we will have no issues with picking up your garbage or recycling.

  • Place totes out by 7am, and please return to storage location by 7pm of collection day.
  • Pull your cart, it’s easier than pushing.
  • Tote Lids must be completely closed for proper pick-up.
  • Store your tote close to your house or garage, not on the curb or in the Alley.
  • Report Damages or vandalism to totes to the Town Office.


Wheels to the Fence, always have the wheels of your tote facing the houses. Please see below to determine where you need to place your tote. Remember, alley pick up is always from one side of the alley, please place your tote on the proper side of the alley.


Wheels to the Curb, always have the wheels of your tote facing the curb and point the arrows to the street. Please see the illustration below to determine where you need to place your tote.



  1. Put your Garbage bags in your tote and close the lid
  2. Set your tote at curbside location by 7:00 am
  3. Ensure your tote is placed on level ground, away from other objects
  4. Once your tote has been emptied, return it to your house or garage.

Proper Placement:

Where you place your tote is important. Our truck has a mechanical arm to lift and empty carts. We need the appropriate space to minimize damage to property.

Totes are for household garbage, please bag all of your garbage and NEVER put any hazardous materials, dangerous goods, heavy materials or bio-waste in your cart.

EXTRA GARBAGE: Your new tote holds about the same as 3 aluminum garbage cans full. If you have extra waste, keep it in a secure location until your next collection day.


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Community Collection Schedules

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